Certified Organic Ingredients

Rediscover the flavor of the natural. All our ingredients are certified organic and of the highest quality, they contienent no hydrogenated fat, no palm oil, no dyes, no flavors other than pure flavors of natural ingredients and not the least conservative.

Fair trade

Fair trade allows an organized and controlled manner, improve the living standards of small producers by offering a fair price for their production. Belvas All products are certified under the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label. A simple and effective approach to help farmers in southern countries.

The chocolate factory

We believe in simple tastes that have made the history of authentic chocolate; caramel ganache, praline hazelnuts, almonds, coconuts … All our recipes are prepared by hand in our workshop. We are now more than 15 people to perform them every day.

Belgian Thins

Passionately made in Belgium from the best ingredients. Pure organic & Fairtrade chocolate; Quinoa, goji, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds… all organic , all delicious.

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Wow Box

After years of research focused on the purest tradition of chocolate, Deavas developed this special unique receipe based on fresh and whipped dairy fresh cream.

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Fresh Cream

Please yourselves with these unique, light and creamy fillings without anypreservatives ! Rediscover what made “belgian chocolates” famous around the world.

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We are the first Chocolaterie Bio from Europe!

Launched in 2005, BELVAS is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer certified bio and fair trade.

BELVAS always wants to go further in the sustainable approach. A new workshop was thus constructed in Ghislenghien, and all processes of chocolate were reviewed in this light.

  • In 2011, BELVAS was crowned “micro greenest company in Europe” by the European Commission in Warsaw winning the EMAS Award in this category.
  • In constant search of new flavors, BELVAS received several international awards.
  • In 2012, BELVAS was notably nominated “Silver” Trophy of Economy Network Manager Alliances in Nord-Pas de Calais region and won the Horizons Award Hainaut (Sustainable Development Award of the Province of Hainaut).
  • In 2013, Belgian prices BELVAS received the Future Generations.
  • BELVAS is certified at the highest level of hygiene standards. For 4 years has Belvas level A BRC certification.

Our engagements